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Summertime in the United States not only offers nicer weather and more beach days, but also festivals and festivities. People go from all over their own nations and the world to participate in a number of unbeatable summer traditions.
June | Pride Parade, United States

In the United States, Pride celebrations have honored the LGBTQ+ community for over 50 years and are one of the most popular and entertaining summer traditions. The first Pride celebration was held on June 28, 1970, in New York City, one year after the Stonewall rebellion. Since then, communities around North America have filled the streets with rainbow colors, parades, floats, and music in an effort to express love, compassion, and goodwill.
The largest annual Pride celebration continues to be held in New York City, attracting millions of people from all groups to share love and awareness. Denver, Colorado, San Francisco, California, and Washington, D.C. are among famous cities that have huge Pride festivities. A must-do if you're in the United States during the summer!
The greatest way to express support for the parade is by donning a RAINBOW MANICURE.
Independence Day, America | Fourth of July

Fourth of July is Independence Day in the United States. Americans love a day filled with barbecues, bonfires, and red, white, and blue decorations on everything. This is obviously in accordance with the American flag. On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies of the United States signed the Declaration of Independence, which granted independence from British sovereignty.
Numerous summer 4th of July traditions include parades throughout the nation, a day at the beach, and fireworks displays in every city. Pro tip! Numerous coastal and lake communities launch their fireworks into the water, allowing spectators to see them from the beach or shore. It is an extraordinary day of celebration and happiness.
Looking for advice on how to party safely this year? You may experience it by viewing fireworks from home or by seeing a national monument virtually. Why not celebrate with your loved ones by hosting a modest barbecue with close friends and family? You may celebrate the Fourth of July and its summer customs at home.
Remember to decorate your nails! A manicure inspired by Independence Day is a must-have for showing your patriotism.

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International Friendship Day is July 30

Celebrate the International Day of Friendship with your pals on July 30 to demonstrate how much you appreciate their friendship. This summer ritual provides the ideal occasion for friends to celebrate life, happiness, and generosity for their loved ones. This unique day is observed on various dates across the globe, although it commonly occurs in July or August.
Although the notion of this day dates back to 1919, the United Nations General Assembly declared it a holiday in July 2011. Fun fact! In 1958, Paraguay was the first nation to formally observe the worldwide day of friendship. The greatest way to commemorate the occasion is to have an NAIL PARTY with your closest friends. Do not be hesitant to reserve a V.I.P. room for you and your pals at a top-rated nail salon.
August | Burning Man, United States

Burning Man is an art, self-expression, and creative event. It began in 1986 and happens annually in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. This summer event in the desert is attended by tens of thousands of individuals who cooperate, create, and share lovely experiences with one another. This summer ritual includes not just music and art, but also the construction of a whole city. The art constructed during the event might range from sculptures to structures.
At the conclusion of each Burning Man festival, a giant wooden effigy representing "the man" and the remainder of the event grounds are burned to the ground. If you get the chance to attend Burning Man once in your lifetime, you will never forget the experience.
The nail design of flames will be an ideal choice for this thrilling celebration.

Prepare for the holiday season by sporting a manicure and pedicure with a festive motif. Every function is greatly enhanced by gorgeous nail art ideas!

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